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An introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

6 weeks to more mindful living 

Citrus Fruits

Why this matters

Mindfulness is described in Buddhism as the’ art of living’.  It's the process that guides us moment by moment with wisdom & deep inner connection to ourselves & greater humanity.


To enable

  • A deeper sense of presence with yourself, your families, your coworkers & the world

  • Your ability to quiet the mind even with big life things happening

  • Less reactivity in your day to day

  • A steady & open heart 

  • Connection to a greater source of being 

What we cover

Week 1. An introduction to mindfulness meditation

Week 2. Mindfulness of the body 

Week 3. Mindfulness of emotions

Week 4. Working with thoughts and beliefs 

Week 5. Opening the heart

Week 6. Bringing your practice into your world 


The detail

6 week online course

Weekly 60 min zoom calls 

Tools for a lifetime of mindful living 

The investment $279

Singing Bowl

I truly loved attending this training and it was exactly what I needed. I loved Jacinda’s style of teaching and she was so informative on a topic that was new to me. The made the group a safe place to share and she was amazing at being collaborative but making sure that everyone got what they needed. I highly recommend! 

Cat, NZ

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