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Jacinda Crothers is a Self-Love Embodiment Coach and your creative, multi-faceted, wave riding, glitter wearing, cat loving, beach dancing, love goddess, currently training as a mindful meditation teacher.


Her coaching work models her ability to fuse creativity, spirituality, mindfulness and business, with a deep sense of love and acceptance for who we really are.


She helps women like you to create love as a default, release the guilt of choosing yourself and cultivate the life you truly deserve.


Her signature program Lead with Love has supported women all over the world to tune into their hearts and lead a powerful movement of self-love.


Returning home to New Zealand after 15 years abroad she hosts weekly community swimming events to share her passion for nature and reconnect with local surroundings through the seasons.


She is not your standard wellness woman, no beige aesthetic or veganism here.  Just a deep desire for helping people live their best life. 

She graduated with a degree in radiation therapy and spent the early part of her career in the clinic treating cancer patients. Transitioning into commercial sales and marketing was a natural progression for her outgoing, travel loving nature.  She lived in the UK and Singapore whilst traveling extensively teaching and supporting clinicians in Europe, Middle East and Latin America.


Finally leaving the corporate world to become a creative leader after finding herself bullied within a system she no longer believed in. At the same time personally coming to terms with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility and the realisation that there is more to life than other people’s expectations of who she should be.


She quit.


Stepping excitedly into the world of entrepreneurship and starting her first creative business.  Her love of colour and interiors guided her in designing and manufacturing luxury bedding and homeware through sustainable organic farms in India.   During this time she invested in her first business coach and felt the full magic of co creation when women support each other.  


Knowing deep down that this was her calling.  She transitioned into full time coaching on her return home to New Zealand.


She’s a loving Mum to Fin (the cat) and Mason (the kid, yay for IVF and modern day science).  She lives with her husband and happy band of boys by her beloved beach in New Zealand.

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