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Get off the hamster wheel, gain clarity on what you really want & feel inspired by life again

6 weeks to Clarity, Confidence & more Creativity 

A powerful online group coaching program
It’s time to reconnect & remember 
what you LOVE about being you

Being authentically YOU requires courage and vulnerability so you can

  • Create daily habits which support YOU seeing the best in you

  • Let go of the old beliefs that are holding you back

  • Learn to listen to your hearts wisdom instead of ignoring it

  • Lean in to the things that really bring you joy and pleasure

  • Feel really confident in your purpose (ie YOU)

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You are deeply valued

Just by BEING you
This is your invitation to start believing it too

But sometimes it’s not that easy....
It feels like everything else comes first and there is no space for creating time for you.
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi


You are

Are you sick of listening to other peoples expectations of who you 'should be'?

Do you often feel like you are falling short regardless of how hard you try?

Do you feel disconnected and jealous of others success?

Do you get to the end of the day and wonder where you are supposed to find time for yourself when you are so busy looking after other people?

There was a time where I cared so much more about what other people thought of me, that I risked my own physical and mental health to keep up the façade.


On the outside a success, while on the inside deeply questioning what was really wrong with me?

It felt so desperately lost, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

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Choosing love is NOT selfish

But you have been raised in a world that sees Self Love as indulgent, suggestive and self centred

When We LOVE, We Open To Possibility

Now it’s time to claim back your power.  How would it feel to:

  • Release the judgement around loving yourself and others?

  • Trust yourself more?

  • Spend more time creating your dream and less time ogling at others who are already living into theirs?

  • Look in the mirror and feel so fricken sexy and desirable again?


It’s time for change  |  It’s time for you  |  Love is the answer

Release the armour of blame and not good enough’s
‘ Oh goddess help you believe the truth about yourself no matter how beautiful’
– adapted from Macrina Wiederkehr


No amount of technology can ever surpass the inner connection you have with your heart. 

Are you ready to receive that wisdom to be able to:

  • Grow your self-confidence and sense of purpose?

  • Focus on enjoying and being inspired by life again?

  • Experience enhanced wellbeing and health benefits of choosing love for yourself and others?

  • Deepen your relationships?

I’m here to support you
It’s never too late to be placing more attention on how you want to feel.  Let’s explore this together, in a safe welcoming environment.
In Lead with Love you’ll learn how to:

  • Create boundaries that work for a busy woman so that you can balance work, life and all of the things

  • Prioritise you, so you can ask for the relevant support instead of pretending you have got it all covered 

  • Recognise the beliefs that hold you back so you can concentrate on building ones that support you 

  • Attend and befriend your inner world so you can fling glitter and dance on tables and still feel deeply spiritually connected 

  • Build rituals that support you to remember who you really are when you forget

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Here's what the haters don't know

Loving yourself has a positive impact on your health, wealth and spiritual connection

What's inside?

Here is a peak at SOME of the things that we’ll cover during our time together
Week 1 - The power of intention.  Create focus and navigate success on your terms. 
Week 2 – Love and let go.  Embody supportive beliefs and hold yourself with compassion. 
Week 3 – Create Support.  Set up your environment to thrive. 
Week 4 – Make it a ritual.  Learn your success habits for life and lean into your creativity.   
Week 5 – The art of love daily.  Embodying a lifestyle of love.   
Week 6 – Love leadership.  Acknowledging your impact.

As well as the weekly Group Coaching calls you will also receive access to a private coaching group and receive real time support. 


In addition you get tools to support you track your energy, to help you understand your patterns and create more ease and flow in your daily life.


Meet your mentor

Hi I’m Jacinda Crothers, not your typical wellness woman, no whale music or veganism here.  Just a deep desire to help you live your best life. 
With a healthcare background and over a decades experience in commercial sales and marketing, I left the corporate world to become a creative leader after finding myself bullied within a system I no longer believed in.
At the same time being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, the stark reality that my dream of becoming a Mum was hanging in the balance. 
I quit my job, started the creative business I had been talking about for years and began IVF. 
I’m now a Mum, with a successful coaching business I run around my family and the world as we travel, learn and LOVE the freedom this path creates.
I’m so excited to support you feel this too.
With so much love

Jacinda xx

The Investment 

6 week transformational course 
90 minute Weekly Group Coaching 
Private Voxer Group 
Facebook Group Support 
Additional Self Love Bonus tools

PAY IN FULL: $1500


6 week transformational course  
90 minute Weekly Group Coaching 
Private Voxer Group 
Facebook Group Support 
Additional Self Love Bonus tools 
Three 60 minute 1:1 Coaching sessions 
VIP 1:1 Voxer support

VIP: $2000


What people are saying? 

Laura, UK

I really loved working with you Jacinda - you really are a delight and super helpful in allowing me to talk freely about my most inner thoughts and insecurities. You made me feel valued and gave me the space to express my fears and doubts in a warm, caring environment. Thanks for everything I really feel lighter and more able to deal with both personal and business concerns moving forward.

Janine, NZ

I'm feeling amazing, and more gentle with myself in terms of letting go of expectations of myself and what I put on others.

More at ease with who I am, how I show up in the world for myself and others, getting excited and curious with the portals I get to walk through when some of my shadow work shows up for me.

Really enjoying the journey of exploring this new sense of self I feel excited to be.

Heather, NZ

Finding the self-love, the self-belief and finding a voice. The real me has come out and I am hearing words from the heart with a sincere self-belief. This also crosses over into self-confidence at work as well, having a voice, making choices for self-care. I’m feeling quietly self confident I can do so much more with my life, the things that make me happy, relaxed and bring out the real me. I’m excited for my journey and most of all my move to be near family. It just warms your heart to know what is ahead.


When does the course start?
The course will start in July 2023, final dates to be confirmed shortly.

What happens if I can't make a call?
All the calls will be recorded and distributed within 48 hours so you can tune in at your leisure.

How much time will I need to set aside for the work?
As with anything the more you put in the more you will get out, I recommend setting aside 1-2 hours each week to read through the material and work on the assignments.

How long will I have access?
You will have life access to the material.

What if I have questions?
You will be fully supported through the duration of the course, either in live coaching calls or post your questions in the facebook group or VIP Voxer group.

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